Thanks for checking us out.

We’re LED lighting specialists based in Canberra installing all types of LED lights and covering all electrical services.

LED Solutions came to life to fix the problem of expensive, continually blowing, not flattering and dated light installations.

As the business grew we started to focus more on lighting design and installing high quality lights that are designed for specific purposes for specific spaces.

Not everyone sees the value in having the right light picked and installed perfectly casting just enough light over that feature wall. That’s ok though because we are not for everyone. We like thinking about the space and what light will work best to bring it all together.

A lot of our work involves pulling out old, inefficient lights and replacing them with new long lasting LED fittings. Changing these old lights can have a decent impact on saving electricity and also lower the maintenance bill, less trips to bunnings, less sausages, damn:(

I could keep going but really I would be repeating how much we like installing LED lights for another two paragraphs and you will get enough of that when we meet.

Any questions feel free to contact a member from our LED Solutions team.

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(Managing director LED Solutions)