LED Downlights And The Brands We Like To Install

We thought is would be a good idea to put together a short video showing some of the common LED downlights we have been installing here in Canberra. One of the reasons is we get asked all the time and I think this is because a lot of business are importing their own lights and re branding them. We like to keep up with the latest in LED lighting technology and test lights from different lighting manufactures making sure the quality of the lights is high. Not having just one brand of light we install works well for us, as we can then source different lights that suit different situations.

In this short video we explain why its important to check if the lights you are buying are members of The Lighting Council of Australia.


This little symbol lets you know the manufacture is not only a member but that the lights have been thoroughly tested and reach all current Australian Standards. I have see a lot of the lights on the market and some lights currently being imported are so far away from being safe it is crazy but that’s just the way it is with new technology. So look for this mark or ask the suppler before you buy your next LED light and you might just save yourself from changing all your lights in 6 months time.

When a new LED light comes onto the market and it has been approved by The Lighting Council of Australia we will have a look and see if it stacks up with the rest. Its always good to try before you buy, if you have any questions regarding what lights to install or anything LED lighting related feel free to get into contact with us and we will do our best to help you out.

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LED Solutions Canberra