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Residential Light Installations

Some see lighting as the cheapest bulb from Bunnings while others see it as a way of controlling the feeling of a space.

Not everyone sees lighting this way , for most it’s just a necessity to prevent you from fumbling around in the dark.

If that sounds like you then we’re probably not the right lighting electricians.

LED Lighting should make you feel comfortable in your home. A feature pendant light can make a large open space feel luxurious.

Having consistent lighting when entertaining and being able to control the mood quickly and easily when required is important.

Subtle facade lights welcome visitors and lights up points of interest that people can see from the street.

Making objects the feature requires the light itself to be hidden so only the soft glow on the objects is seen.

Every situation is different and that’s where we can help.

We do a lot of LED downlight installations and this is because the quality of the lights have come so far.

Get in touch below we are happy to answer any LED lighting questions you have.